Best Places for Honeymoon in Indonesia

Having a pretty large area, there are many great spots for honeymoon in Indonesia. The fact that there are many islands in Indonesia means that you can actually visit many places in different atmosphere which will deliver a great experience for your honeymoon trip. So, do consider these following places in Indonesia that could just be your perfect paradise to enjoy a honeymoon with your loved one.honeymoon in Indonesia_1

Komodo Island is among the best places to visit if you are going on a honeymoon in Indonesia. You will be indulged by natural beauty and also the exotic charm of Komodo Island when you set your foot there. Clearly this is one great place to go if you are among those nature lovers. Pink Beach will be a nice place to take a dip in blue waters to witness the marine beauty there. You can also go diving at Batu Bolong, Merah Beach, and also Tatawa Islands. The ultimate spot to go is of course the Komodo National park where you will be able to see the great Komodo dragons really close. You should visit Komodo Island between March and June or between September and December for the best experience there.

Meanwhile if you are planning to have your honeymoon in Indonesia within April to August, you should visit Ora Beach. Beach lovers should consider this beach as one of the places to go on their list. You will be able to relax right at white sand beaches while enjoying the view of crystal clear waters of the Sawai Bay. Diving and snorkeling are so popular to do in this spot. Moreover you can also go to the Manusela National Park and also the island of Seram and enjoy the beauty of forest and bird life.honeymoon in Indonesia_3

Banda Islands will be your next consideration regarding the place to visit for honeymoon in Indonesia. The islands are surrounded by crystal clear waters full of exotic marine life for your enjoyment. As a matter of fact Banda Islands are included in the list of the most romantic places in Indonesia. Diving and sailing will be great to be done right at Pulau Ai, Hatta Reef, Batu Kapal, and also Nusa Laut. You can also catch the beautiful sunrise at Gunung Api. If you wish to get the most outstanding experience in visiting Banda Islands you should go between September and November.

Aside of those places you may also want to consider two cities named Yogyakarta and Banyuwangi as your destinations of honeymoon in Indonesia. Each one of those cities could be considered to be a full package of travel. You can visit several ancient remains, beaches, shopping paradise, and also culinary spots in both of those cities.

In short, Banyuwangi and Yogyakarta will be your perfect vacation destination choice if you want to enjoy a kind of exotic honeymoon while not really far away from a somewhat crowded life of modern civilization. So, which one of those best places for honeymoon in Indonesia that you prefer now?

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