The Best Location for Pre Wedding Singapore to Choose

Singapore is one highly popular destination for many things including even wedding related activities so that you can actually create a list of best location for pre wedding Singapore. It is okay and somewhat common for people to visit certain place to have their pre wedding shoots while also having a holiday at the same time. Just in case that you have decided to go to Singapore for your pre wedding shoots, consider these following places to take the location for pre wedding singapore_2

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is among the popular places in Singapore to be visited by tourists. This place is also a great spot to be your best location for pre wedding Singapore. There are many spots of beauty that you can find hidden throughout the garden as a matter of fact. This place has just been recommended by International Council on Monuments and Sites to be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the large area of the garden you can find spots like White Bandstand, Burkill Hall, National orchid Garden, Eco-Garden, Halia Garden, Evolution Garden, a Curtain of Roots, and also Swan Lake for your awesome pre wedding shoots.

Another spot to be the best location for per wedding Singapore is the one known as Upper Peirce Reservoir. This is one best place for the fans of water. You will get a wonderful background for your pre wedding shoots that is in form of a vast water surface completed by beautiful forests. In order to enhance the shoots, you may want to do the shoots during sunrise which will add mist into your shoots for a set of great pre wedding location for pre wedding singapore_5

Meanwhile the National Museum of Singapore could also be your best location for pre wedding Singapore especially if you are among those history lovers. You will be able to use that neo-classical iconic architecture as the main feature of your pre wedding shoots. You can witness the perfect link of old and new stuff there included in your shoots as well. Such juxtaposition featured in angles and areas all over the building could add more value to your pre wedding shoots.

Next option of best location for pre wedding Singapore is the Marina Barrage. Taking pre wedding shoots at this place will be better at night. You will be able to watch the beautiful Singapore Flyer light up showing colorful lights at night. This spot was built across the mouth of Marina Channel that functioned as the 15th reservoir of Singapore. This is the first one to be a reservoir in the heart of the city. You can actually make a backdrop of Singapore in your pre wedding photos if you go to this location.

Furthermore there are still many locations all over Singapore to be your destination for pre wedding shoots. Aside of those mentioned spots you may also consider Sentosa, One Degree 15 Marina Club, Fort Canning, Gardens by the Bay, and Marina Bay Sands Skypark to consider as your option of best location for pre wedding Singapore.

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