Our Favorite Wedding Photographer and His Creative Photographs Ideas

Since wedding is one of the most important moments in our life, no wonder if lovers want to get some incredible pictures of their most special day. One day, years after their wedding day, the lovers will open their photo album and memorize how romantic they were. Have you decided to pick the right photographer that will capture the most stunning photos in your biggest day in your life? After deciding the photographer, you need to consider some wedding photography ideas that were taken by our favorite wedding photographer.Our Favorite Wedding Photographer_2

Our first idea about the best wedding photography is the behind the scene photos. Ask your photographer to take some photos when you’re in the house of your Dad and Mom, when you’re in your dressing room, when you’re at your hair salon. These photos will record the nervous joy of both bride and groom. For this photography, you must keep your dressing room clean and tidy so that the photos taken there won’t be embarrassing. Also, make sure you wear the best clothes or nice bathrobe when your photographer takes your photos.

Artistic Photography Ideas from Our Favorite Wedding Photographer

Your incredible wedding gown that’s made from lace and tulle will be the most ideal property for your wedding photo. Tell your photographer that your wedding gown is pretty important and he must take the photos of that dress. The best places to hang and shot your wedding dress are in the window where the gown will be poured in sunlight or behind your wooden door that makes the dress looks more beautiful and chic. Just put your dress in proper hanging. Then lose its plastic bag. You can also ask the photographer to take some photos of your wedding gown and the suit of your groom.Our Favorite Wedding Photographer_4

During the ceremony, you’ll focus on your couple and you won’t be able to see the expression of your parent. Your parent won’t focus on your lover, they will focus on you and show their complicated feelings, happiness, sadness, and proud at the same time. Since you can’t see the feeling of your parent, tell your photographer to take some photos of your parent and your lover’s parent. After the wedding ceremony – and your honeymoon – you will be able to see your parents’ emotions through the photographs.

Romantic Photographs from Our Favorite Wedding Photographer

There is a classic but really romantic photo shoot: when the photographer takes a picture of your hands during the rings exchange. A capture of your hands and your lover hands with wedding rings will be the most romantic and beautiful photograph. This picture, even without your head will remind you in the future how serious you were when you made the vows. To get the photograph when you’re making the vows, you must spare enough spaces near you so the photos he’ll take will be perfect.Our Favorite Wedding Photographer_7

After the ceremony, go to a room or anywhere else you desire, just you and your lover and the photographer of course. Leave your guests behind, enjoy your very first time being newlywed, and ignore your photographer. This will help your photographer to take the most natural moment and expression of you and your lover on the first day of your new life.

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