Our Favorite Celebrity Engagement Rings in Various Beautiful Designs

Girls are usually ‘inspired by celebrity’. When they get new hair, usually it is because they want to try their favorite celebrity’s new hair style. When they try new clothes, it is because they want to look as stylish as their celebrity. So, if you’re about to impress your girl on the day you propose her to marry you, show her how much you love her by giving her an engagement ring that’s also inspired by celebrity. In this article, you’ll see our favorite celebrity engagement rings you can consider to propose your girl.

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Our favorite engagement ring is inspired by Emmy Rossum’s ring. When Sam Esmail proposed her to marry her, he brought a very classic styled and timeless engagement ring. The ring has platinum band and it is beautified with round solitaire diamond on the center. This engagement ring makes Emmy looks elegant in any outfits she wears with this engagement ring. Round solitaire is a magnificent option if your girl loves something elegant, classic, and timeless. Check out the other engagement rings inspired by celebrities below.

Most Adorable Engagement Rings for Adorable Girls

Our favorite celebrity engagement rings are also inspired by Alyssa Campanella. She was a model and Miss USA. Alyssa’s fiancée, Torrance Coombs was very romantic. He proposed Alyssa with regal and luxurious engagement ring. Alyssa’s engagement ring is a customized ring that has royal blue colored sapphire in the middle of the ring between the sparkling of the diamonds. This engagement ring was inspired by the ring of Princess Diana and was designed by INTA Gems and Diamonds. Before you give an engagement ring with royal blue colored sapphire, make sure you ask your girl first.

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Torrance first asked Alyssa what gems she love. And Alyssa told him that she loves sapphire the most since it looks beautiful and not similar to diamonds. For Alyssa, who loves following the royal history, sapphire engagement ring that looks like Princess Diana’s ring is very special. But if your girl doesn’t like royal things and doesn’t care what ring given by Prince Charles to his beloved girl, sapphire engagement ring and any other engagement rings that look like royal jewelry won’t impress her. That’s why you need to ask her long day before you propose her.

The Most Awesome Engagement Rings for Feminine Girls

The engagement ring of Alison Brie is also our favorite celebrity engagement rings. If your pretty girl is a feminine girl, Dave Franco helped you to pick the right engagement ring for her. When he was proposing Alison Brie, Dave Franco pick engagement ring that’s so sparkling. The engagement ring has double diamond halo that’s surrounding a round diamond. These sparkles are beautifying the band that’s made from rose gold and looks so romantic.

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Finally, try the incredible engagement ring brought by Brooks Laich when he proposed his fiancée Julianne Hough. Brooks impressed his girl with a rose gold engagement ring with the captivating oval diamond in five carat. This incredible engagement ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz. But you can order this engagement ring anywhere.

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